Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Meaning of Life

Summary of Video "The Meaning of Life" Muslim Spoken Words

By: Talk Islam

These are just simple life questions.
Like, “What are we doing here?” and, “what is our purpose?”
“How did we get here?” and, “Who made us so perfect?”
And, “What happens once we go?” or, “Is this world all really worth it?”
There’s no purpose to this life and our existence is merely natural (?)
Then in that case, please let me ask you. Did you create yourself or is it someone else who had fashioned you?
So many signs, yet we still deny.
Science tries to justify that all this could come from none. When it’s a simple sum: 0+0+0 cannot possibly ever give you one.
So from where did all this order come?

Saying we will live then die then simply turn to bones.
Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) (?)
After the grass dies, the rain arrives and it re-grows. And Allah promises to do the same thing to your every soul.
And we are surely being tested, in our wealth, our health, and our self, and everything that we’ve been blessed with.
So believe, for we will surely be resurrected. And be brought back to our Lord and account for every single deed.
From the bad to the good and everything in between. You yourself are sufficient for your own accountability.

If you disbelieve, Read!
And don’t let that day (The Death) be the first day you find out what your life really means.